The Chance



As our life evolves from carefree childhood to more serious worldly affairs, so does the need to choose carefully from various options in any situation.

We choose the least risky option – we weigh our odds in every decision in life. The uncontrolled events in our lives are nothing but unfavourable rolls of dice … as in a game of chance.

The emotion behind this piece is that of serenity, since every choice made in life influences and ultimately defines our complete existence – our identity is merely the sum of the chances we take…

Believe in the chances you take … feel life’s energies flowing as they act on your chances, often mildly modifying them, sometimes upending them.

The colours in this piece attempt to show the vast expanse of the sky, or the water that holds its reflection – both are areas of immense possibilities.

Additional Information
Name of the work

The Chance


80cm x 60cm x 2cm (Canvas size)


Acrylic and Resin on Cotton Canvas (Framed)

Frame Material

Wooden Tray Frame

Frame Colour