The Arowana and The Bamboo


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Bamboo – especially Chinese bamboo – takes approximately 5 years to show signs of growth; but then it grows at a tremendous rate and becomes very tall in just a few weeks. The success of a business idea is akin to this: it is a gradual process that requires a lot of initial nurturing, but once a threshold is reached and momentum gained, success comes at an astounding pace.

I have combined two emotions in this painting because the shine and sparkle of Arowana and the growth rate of bamboo are both powerful business success mantras. Arowana is valued for its shine, which is only seen once it is fully grown, and the bamboo is really notable for the initial dormant phase, during which its roots extend below the soil, and then it springs forth from the soil and reaches lofty heights…

The green in this painting symbolises life for both the arowana and the bamboo.

Additional Information
Name of the work

The Arowana and The Bamboo




80cm x 60cm x 2cm (Canvas size)


Acrylic and Resin on Cotton Canvas (Framed)

Frame Material

Wooden Tray Frame

Frame Colour


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