Fulfilment of Desires


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Desire is our driving energy. Fulfilment of desire is our ultimate goal, and only achieved by wading through a range of difficulties. This koi swims against the current … struggling to break through … to fulfil the desire to reach serenity.

I drew this piece to celebrate the flow of energy that inspires us to swim through obstructions and reach those greener pastures we envision. I want you to think of how your journey has been so far. Where are you with the fulfilment of your desires? Have you crossed over from the murky yesterdays? Are you stuck? How do you see yourself at the end of that journey?

The colours here represent the mix of dark melancholy and bright hope that garnishes our journey as we work towards the fulfilment of desires.

Additional Information
Name of the work

Fulfilment of Desires




80cm x 60cm x 2cm (Canvas size)


Acrylic and Resin on Cotton Canvas (Framed)

Frame Material

Wooden Tray Frame

Frame Colour


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