Four Luck


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Like the hands of a clock, these boons – happiness, good fortune, prosperity and harmonious relationships – trail each other as they enter our lives at different stages. Reflect for a moment on your own life when any of these appeared, followed by another.

This piece depicts the journey of life we go through … chasing one blessing after another. We rejoice in the arrival of these and cherish our good luck while awaiting the next … and the cycle goes on.

The colours here are very fluid and diffused, for the reason that these blessings have no boundaries from each other. I want you to feel the flow of each of these energy streams without marking the end of one from another – a continuous circle of life.

Additional Information
Name of the work

Four Luck




80cm x 60cm x 2cm (Canvas size)


Acrylic and Resin on Cotton Canvas (Framed)

Frame Material

Wooden Tray Frame

Frame Colour


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