The Three Kois


Life in any form thrives only after many hurdles – and this piece depicts the struggle to begin life and to triumph. The Kois swim against current the same way our lives sometime move away from orthodoxy as we try to forge our own paths. The piece attempts to capture the courage and determination that the koi symbolise. Their circular movement helps the Koi gain momentum, illustrating their fortitude even in the toughest of times.
The colours in this piece represent the muddy, murky, unclear realms that must be traversed while reaching out for higher ground.


Done in two different canvases, with Gold and Silver backgrounds.
The Knot


Attaining wealth is one of the objectives of a productive life. The pursuit of prosperity involves three cycles: creating wealth, sustaining wealth and increasing wealth – all seamless and interconnected, without beginning or end.

The red knot – the mystic knot, or the endless knot, because it looks like it swallows its own tail – here represents the interlocking nature of the wealth cycle … and the koi show us how to bring them all together.

I drew this because, today, success and social prestige are often measured in proportion to wealth – and the loop that this creates has no beginning or end.
The piece depicts gold coins and Chinese metal money – both symbols of wealth creation.

The Arowana and The Bamboo


Bamboo – especially Chinese bamboo – takes approximately 5 years to show signs of growth; but then it grows at a tremendous rate and becomes very tall in just a few weeks. The success of a business idea is akin to this: it is a gradual process that requires a lot of initial nurturing, but once a threshold is reached and momentum gained, success comes at an astounding pace.

I have combined two emotions in this painting because the shine and sparkle of Arowana and the growth rate of bamboo are both powerful business success mantras. Arowana is valued for its shine, which is only seen once it is fully grown, and the bamboo is really notable for the initial dormant phase, during which its roots extend below the soil, and then it springs forth from the soil and reaches lofty heights…

The green in this painting symbolises life for both the arowana and the bamboo.


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